Afiabora has created IMMUNO, a careful combination of plants and minerals aimed at stimulating the body's immune defenses in a vegan and gluten-free way (facilitating the ability to fight infections). Combination suitable to best exemplify the health effects, in particular to support the body's natural defenses. Recommended during seasonal changes and especially before winter as a prevention. In fact, in this season the body is more easily subjected to seasonal ailments such as colds, coughs, flu. - Uncaria, Papaya, Emblica and Copper contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. - The cusped Polygonum favors the fluidity of bronchial secretions.

Triphala is a word in Sanskrit and means "three fruits", each of which has already fabulous properties individually but which when combined take on exponential strength and healing characteristics. So let's get acquainted with these three plants: Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.

The first, Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), is also known as "Indian gooseberry"; it is considered one of the best rejuvenating plants, and it is also an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich in fiber, iron and polyphenols. It contains twenty times the value of vitamin C found in an orange. In India, Amalaki is known as the "nurse herb" because it strengthens the immune system.

The second, Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), has a purifying power and carries out a purifying action thanks to the presence of anthraquinones. Excellent for wound care as it stimulates the production of collagen; it is hepatoprotective, febrifuge, antiviral, expectorant and hypoglycemic. This plant also has astringent properties, ideal for treating hemorrhoids.

Finally, Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica) is an excellent rejuvenating, brain tonic, promotes sleep and heals vision. It is a powerful bronchodilator: its action eliminates excess mucus in the body and inhibits pulmonary complications, such as bronchitis and asthma. Anthelmintic and antiseptic, it controls colitis and diarrhea and regulates excessive flatulence; it also acts in diseases of the biliary system.